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Bucks Lake


Permanent Protection of PG&E's Retained Property with a Conservation Easement

On November 23, 2021, a conservation easement was recorded to protect the Beneficial Public Values on lands owned by PG&E at the Bucks Lake planning unit. The Conservation Easement is held by the Feather River Land Trust.


Updated Final Land Conservation and Conveyance Plan - Bucks Lake Retained


At its January 23, 2019 meeting, the board adopted the final Land Conservation and Conveyance Plan for lands to be retained by PG&E at the Bucks Lake planning unit in Plumas County, California. The LCCP was updated on August 11, 2020.

The Bucks Lake Retained LCCP describes how the proposed transactions and related agreements conform to and fulfill all requirements of the 2003 Settlement Agreement and Stipulation.

The Draft LCCP was made available for a public review and comment period from October 22, 2018 to November 21, 2018.



At its January 22, 2015 meeting, the Stewardship Council Board of Directors recommended that PG&E retain fee title to approximately 477 acres previously made available for donation at the Bucks Lake Planning Unit.


Land Stewardship Proposals


On February 6, 2009, the Stewardship Council received one proposal for the Bucks Lake planning unit, one of four pilot sites. The proposal was prepared and submitted as a collaboration among three eligible donees  – Enterprise Rancheria, Greenville Rancheria, and Plumas County. The following executive summary was taken directly from the submitted proposal. The information and statements contained in these proposals were prepared by the respective organizations. Proposals are presented 'as is' and the Stewardship Council does not make any assertion regarding the accuracy or completeness of information presented, nor do the proposals necessarily reflect the views of the Stewardship Council. The proposals will be reviewed and considered prior to any recommendation by the Stewardship Council for a donation of fee title to lands within the Bucks Lake planning unit.

Organizations Submitting a Statement of Qualifications


County of Plumas
Enterprise Rancheria
Feather River Land Trust
Greenville Rancheria
Plumas Corporation
USDA Forest Service -- Plumas National Forest

Public Meeting/Maps

Public Information Meeting


The primary purpose of this meeting was to solicit public input on the development of the Land Conservation and Conveyance Plans (LCCP) to preserve and enhance the beneficial public values.

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