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Board of Directors


Kidd Lake
Fordyce Lake Planning Unit

Stewardship Council Board of Directors


(Back row left to right) David Muraki, Larry Myers,  Art Baggett, Jr., Jeff Parks, John McCamman, Nancee Murray, Lee Adams, Mike Schonherr, Dave Eggerton, Pete Bell

(Front Row left to right) Rebecca Doidge, Soapy Mulholland, Chris Nota, Deidre Cyprian

Photo taken June 2019

2023 Board of Directors


President: Art Baggett
Vice President: Jeff Parks
Vice President: Soapy Mulholland
Vice President: David Muraki
Treasurer: Mike Schonherr
Secretary: Jeff Parks


Association of California Water Agencies
Board Member: Dave Eggerton
Alternate: OPEN

California Forestry Association
Board Member: Rich Gordon
Alternate: George Gentry

California Hydropower Reform Coalition
Board Member: Pete Bell
Alternate: Richard Roos-Collins

California Public Utilities Commission
Board Member: Allison Brown
Alternate: OPEN

California Public Utilities Commission Appointed
Board Member: Art Baggett, Jr.
Board Member: David Muraki
Board Member: Chris Nota

California Natural Resources Agency
Board Member: Wade Crowfoot
Alternate: Jennifer Norris

California Tribal Interests
Board Member: Larry Myers
Alternate: Ken Tipon

Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
Board Member: Soapy Mulholland
Alternate: Robert Schneider

Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Board Member: Mike Schonherr
Alternate: Rebecca Doidge

Public Advocates Office

Board Member: Julie Halligan

Alternate: OPEN

Rural Counties Representatives of California
Board Member: Lee Adams
Alternate: Miles Menetrey

State Water Resources Control Board
Board Member: DeeDee D'Adamo
Alternate: Jeffrey Parks

The Trust for Public Land
Board Member: David Sutton
Alternate: John McCamman

U.S. Forest Service
Board Member: Jerry Bird

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