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Land Conservation Program


Humbug Valley Planning Unit

Conserving Watershed Lands

The Stewardship Council's Land Conservation Program exists to ensure that over 140,000 acres of watershed lands throughout California are conserved for a broad range of beneficial public values. These values include:

  • Outdoor recreation

  • Sustainable forestry

  • Agriculture

  • Habitat protection

  • Open space preservation

  • Protection of cultural and historic resources

Located across 22 counties, the land encompasses some of California's most beautiful wilderness landscapes. The parcels, almost 1,000 in total, stretch from Shasta county in the north to Kern county in the south, from the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges to the Eel River watershed in Mendocino County and the Carrizo Plains in San Luis Obispo County. See our Status of Land Planning Effort page for information about our Land Conservation Plan, which will address the donation and stewardship of these lands. Click on a watershed below for more information on each planning unit.

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