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Lake Spaulding Planning Unit

Established in 2004, the Stewardship Council's office is located in Roseville, California. We are a private non-profit foundation with a small staff led by a diverse board of directors that have included representatives from: state and federal agencies, water districts, tribal and rural interests, forest and farm industry groups, conservation organizations, the California Public Utilities Commission, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Our board meetings are open to the public. See our Board Meeting Calendar for more information.

The Stewardship Council was formed as part of a PG&E settlement agreement with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)—Final Order and Settlement Agreement, and the Stipulation Resolving Issues Regarding the Land Conservation Commitment (Stipulation). This agreement establishes that 140,000 acres of PG&E’s watershed lands will be conserved in perpetuity for:

  • outdoor recreation

  • sustainable forestry

  • agriculture

  • natural resource protection

  • open space preservation

  • protection of historic and cultural resources.

In addition to overseeing the conservation of these watershed lands, our job was expanded by the CPUC to include the creation of our Youth Investment Program. This program provided $30 million in funding over ten years to programs that provide outdoor opportunities for underserved youth or enhance parks and recreation areas. In 2012, the Stewardship Council created a new non-profit, the Foundation for Youth Investment (now known as Justice Outside), to oversee the work of the youth investment program funds and to build a lasting legacy that allows all youth to have the opportunity for meaningful experiences in nature. See our Land Conservation and Youth Investment pages for more information.

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